Friday, December 24, 2010

Seriously..i'm back to rawk my blog..

Yes i am..

Ive decided not to privatised my blog for the time being...Lotsa people that i love out there told me not to do so..What for they said??Let HER/HIM read your blog..let them be the anon who leaves the nasty and negative first, i dont mind if the "anon" is somebody that i dont even know coz i dont care..but happen to be this "anon" i s my own friend..ok enuff said.I dont want to be a loser to some kind of losers..

So here i am..blogging again..but this time more about my pregnancy journey i guess.. ;)

ma nu look

I'm 18 weeks old mama!! 22 weeks to go..


mama need to go shopping..all new for u baby..have too!! just for u..


Ermayum said...

update selalu eh :)

rasp said...

gorjes preggy mummy!

Oh Ibuuu said...

cutenya perut... :)
take gud care of urself & baby k..
bila nk jumpa nih??? :D

zarin said...

yess u rawk babeh hihi....slalu update ye!

*gorjesmum* said...

eda:insyaallah dear...

rasp: tq darling..

lina: bila nak jumpa kan..hehe u too take care tau :)

zarin: u oso rawk tau...insyaallah i'll update selalu

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