Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mama..speak English aaaa..

Great! today the whole day i have to speak English just becoz my dotter told me to do so... but its good for her anyway.

came back from school, this is what she told me :

MAMA... speak English..kakak speak to teacher ain, Mrs Rajen, ebak (her fren at school,funny name huh?), afiq syami..

kakak tell teacher ain..kakak want to kencinggg...opss kakak want to toilet.. (note: broken okeh, 4yo kiddo)

kakak tell mrs Rajen, speak English... (huh? not Mrs Rajen ke told u that?)

kakak tell toys to school...(coz she brought back ebak's toys yesterday and we both 'ceramah' her for that)

adik, no gaduh2...speak English.... (ape kene mengena nih...?)

Ok, now mama have to look for some words in the POD coz sumtimes mama 'suddenly' forgot what is the word in English... anything for u dear, as long as u luv me..who u are,where u're from, wth i'm singing this song (backstreet boys)...i'm getting 'weng' i guess (see i cant find the 'weng' word in English :P...)

Till then......


Emilia said...

so cute!! :)

*fAzEeLa* said...



SyahNas80 said...

hehe gud girl ar chacha ni hehe... so mum... do your job... chaiyok!!...

*fAzEeLa* said...


abis penat lidah belacan nak tukar lidah chicken chop hahahah

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