Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tag games from Honeylanz

a. Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gaves you this award.

1. Her name is Has......err whats ur full name eyh has? :D

2. She love C*ach..

3. Shes creative..shes doing the cross titch stuff..for me its creative lah!i tak tau buat tau ;p

4. Shes a blogger (yang tegar 4-5 entry per day)

5. She is a good wife n mum of coz :D

b. Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself and your hobbies.

1. I'm a fulltime hosewife

2. I ada 1 superhero n two adorable dotter..

3. Banking graduate from Uitm

4. Rindu nak keje balik..but happy to be a h/wife tho..

5. Suka C*ach (read:yang lain tak mampu tu ;p)

6. I love to cook and bake...(apalagi i nak buat kat umah)

7. Oh I love shoes too..

8. Love to read novels

9. Use to be Becky Bloomwood..eceh eceh tetiba...but now ehemm dah insaf!

10. I love to blog now...i'm addicted to it..

c. pick your ten (10) more deserving recipients and the describe them.

1. Emilia - my blogger fren yg cun..baru dapat sebijik epal :D

2. Lina - my ex-opismate..she have 3 boys hensem2..

3. Syahnas - My cousin yang suka shopping..kan kan?

4. Ain - my cousin n my Gossip girl? :D

5. Deliani - My SIL..tgh preggy 1st child..:)

6. Lady of leisure - new blogger fren yang pandai masak jugak

7. Fynnaz - my chilhood fren

8. mone - My Uni mate.hang buat na....

9. zarin - mama hasya ni i adore sgt..dia pandai masak tau..

10. Ummi - My uni mate jugak..ada 2 heroes

Okay Has...i've completed the game..hhehehhe :D


Anonymous said...

wah.. tq response asap gitu ;) has dah slow.. 1-2 n3 je sehari... mcm buntu lak..hahaha

*gorjesmum* said...


cepat ek i buat..i pun buntu nih ;D

zarin said...

owh :O
nama mak ke tu nyah??
nanti i wat ye! buntu nih kiki

*gorjesmum* said...


nama u la nyah..go buat cpt hehehe

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