Monday, November 16, 2009

Terharu sangat..sob..sob..

I'm not going to say much..But all this words came from the early birthday card that i received from my parent.I'm so touched..i cried reading this......

FOR MY DAUGHTER with love and pride on her birthday..

How did you ever change
from a cute little girl
into such a lovely woman?
To you,it was probably
just a matter of growing up.
But, to me,
it meant watching you mature
and develop wonderful qualities of kindness,
thoughtfulness,and love...

It was seeing the changes
in the ways you needed me,
as when you went through
all your growing-up stages.
It was sharing your excitement
as you tried new ventures.
It was watching you succeed
at the things you worked hard for...

And now,of all thoughts
and emotions
a parent experiences,
I'm most aware
of the special pride i feel
each time I say,
"This is my daugther".


Lots of love from us,

Mama n Daddy

p/s:thanks alot mama n daddy..i love u guys so much no words can express it tho...


Lady of Leisure said...

so sweet..

Ibu kami said...

ila, kita akan tau kasih sayang mak & abah pd kita bila kita dah punyai anak sendiri.. betul tak?

zailamohamad said...

owh, so touchy..btw, happy birthday babe..errr..bila tu??
heehee..sowi tanya cause baru nak kenal2 kan;P

*gorjesmum* said...


kann...i pon sedih bile baca :(

*gorjesmum* said...

ibu kami:

betul lina...setuju!

*gorjesmum* said...


thnx babe..lmbt lg 23/11 :D

SyahNas80 said...

huhu terharunya.... sob! sob! sob! ...

*gorjesmum* said...


sob ..sob.. jugakss :(

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